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Thursday, January 16, 2014

19 Weeks

Looks like I will be running late on getting these out!!

19 Weeks - 1.14.14

Sleep: She has been sleeping pretty good. Most nights she would fuss around 4am but would usually put her self back to sleep. And then would wake up to feed between 5-5:30am. This was fine before daycare because she could get more sleep in but since we have to wake up at 6:45 for daycare she hasn't been getting as much sleep as normal. Also, she doesn't nap very well at the daycare so she is a tired baby!

Clothing Size: No change here! Still 6-9 months :)

Favorite Toys/Activity: This past week she enjoyed the other side of her whale toy! She always enjoyed the toys that hung from the tale but it also had this water feature with fish in it when she was on her tummy. This past week was the first week where when she rolled over she really noticed them and played with them!

Milestones: Starting Daycare! She did much better than I did. I cried the first day when I had to leave her. Luckily she is in a great daycare that I trust and is right by my work as well so I can still see her at lunch time for her lunch feeding!

Another big milestone is she started solids! Well, it is not really solid but it is oatmeal and is 1 tablespoon oatmeal and 4 tablespoons breast milk so still basically a liquid! I was actually very against starting food at 4 months but J wanted to start her at 4 months and her pediatrician did say to start her on cereal now. So while I disagreed, we did decide to move forward with oatmeal! She seems to love it! Well, she loves the spoon I think more than the food! It is pretty adorable though to see her sitting in her high chair like a big girl and she quickly learned that it was food she was getting and when we would hold the spoon up she will open her mouth wide!

Highlights from the Week: 
  • Started Daycare - 5 days a week from 8-5
  • First food - Oatmeal Cereal 

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
I walked into the daycare to pick her up and could hear her crying. I quickly made my way to her room and saw the teacher holding her and A was fussing. The teacher said I think she is hungry and wasn't sure what to do. I grabbed her and held her and she immediately stopped fussing and smiled and babbled at me and was just fine! It melted my heart and made me feel good that all she needed was cuddles from Mommy! (Though I don't want her upset at daycare but so happy I could easily fix the problem!).