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Monday, December 22, 2014

Sleep... It is a beautiful thing!

So, I fear in writing this that I am going to jinx it, but Aurora has been sleeping through the night for the past two weeks! It has been AMAZING!!! To get to sleep for 6-7 hours in one stretch, is just awesome! Granted, I am getting up between 5-6am, but after getting 6 hours of sleep!! This has not happened in over 15 months! So, life is very grand indeed! :)

Now, it could be a coincidence, but this started happening when I started to use essential oils on her. I finally decided to get DoTerra Essential Oils as I had been interested in them for awhile. Well, I got the box and that first night, I put OnGuard on her feet. Now, this oil is not meant to help with sleep, but rather to help be an immunity boost and to help fight infections. But, that night she slept, all night long. And then again the next night, and here we are two weeks later...

Now, my husband calls this hokum. Which it very well may be. But, hey, it worked, so I will just keep on using it, just to be safe!

Update: I have still been using it, and she has still been sleeping well! Last night in fact, she slept 12 hours!! And she woke up happy. This past month has been just fantastic! Again, could all be a coincidence, but I am going to keep at it and just bought my second bottle to make sure I don't run out!