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Monday, January 5, 2015

16 Months!


Another month has flown by! This month went particularly fast because of all the holidays. It was, as always, an amazing month, watching you grow, and grow, and grow!

I am going to start with the one thing I am very excited about, and that is sleep. Yes, glorious sleep! You are now sleeping through the night! It has been wonderful and amazing. You still will wake some nights, but usually we do not have to go in and you will settle yourself back down. Even these past two weeks when you have been sick, you will cough in the middle of the night, but again, will settle yourself. It has been wonderful!

You had started to wake up the past couple days by standing up and just saying, Hi, Hi, Hi, into the monitor. It was a wonderful way to wake up. I hope you continue this morning ritual. I did just change your morning ritual on you though, which you are not happy about. We just stopped the morning feeds with mama. You actually did amazing the first day, but I think it helped that Grandma was there to distract you. The last two days, you did not like that I gave you a sippy cup. But, I know in time, you will forget and move to just a sippy (and then we will work on nighttime!).

You have become a great eater. You started out with feast or famine days. Some days you would not eat anything and we finally would cave and give blueberries, because it was the only thing you would eat. And then other days you just ate, and ate, and ate. Lately, though, you have been having more feast days, which makes me happy as I know you are then getting all the good stuff that you need! You also have become in love with "Elmo" which is crackers in a box with Elmo on them. I assume daycare showed you Elmo, because we never did, but you certainly know who he is!

You still love your Disney as well (probably because that is all I show you!). You got to see Disney On Ice this month and go to Disneyland again. You had a great time at both! Disney on Ice, we were not sure if you liked it or not as at first you just sat on Grandma's lap and stared, but then in the second act, you were pointing and waving. I think you were just taking it all in at first. Then, Disneyland was on Christmas Eve as is our family tradition. You did so great! We went on rides, saw the parade, and walked around the lands. You didn't nap until 5pm as you were enjoying it so much. You finally fell asleep when Uncle Garrett held you.

Christmas Day was at our house. Santa came to visit and you got a Train Set which you LOVE. We also got you a Princess Castle that you can play in and you seem to really enjoy playing in, especially when we put your princess castle inside the big one. Or, if we sit in with you and read. Your other favorite toy this Christmas is probably your baby doll, you hold your "Baybee" around the house and even into the car at times. A few times, we even had to feed the baby before you would eat!

You seem to have stopped caring for the potty. Not sure what caused it, but you don't seem to want to go in the potty anymore. Oh well, no rush there! I do think though once you move up to the Toddler Room and see the "big" kids using the potty, you will go right back to it. Right now, you are the oldest in the room, and just in the 30 minutes I saw you there today, I think you hit all three babies... so, you still are not loving having babies around! You really like the older kids. You had a great time with your cousins on Christmas Day and New Years Eve/Day, especially Freya. She really loves you and wants to spend every moment with you, and you seemed to be pretty happy playing with her as well.

This month, I think was one of the funnest months. You are becoming so independent now, or at least trying to, and it is so amazing to watch. At dinner, you always ask for a spoon (poon), and try really hard to eat with it. You now say Please (pees) and Thank you (dank yu), and so many other words. You also have conversations with yourself that I wish I understood as it would be amazing to hear what you are saying. But, still fascinating all the same! You truly are the joy and light of our life! Daddy and I love you so much! You just started giving out hugs and kisses and it is probably the best thing in the world to feel your little arms wrapped around my neck and to get a kiss on the cheek! I look so forward to seeing what fun adventures this month brings us :)

Love always and forever,