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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

15 Months!

I have all these other blogs I plan to write, but never have time to write to them. I am determined to keep up with these letters though, so here we go!


My oh my, how you keep us on our toes! Just last night, you learned how to crawl out of your crib! I was shocked to walk in and find that you were waiting for me at the door! We quickly lowered it further and your mattress is now basically on the floor. You were not a fan of this and spent most of the night letting us know your displeasure! I am hoping you get used to it, because you (and us) need sleep! :)

You had quite a busy month this month! You had your first night away from both me and daddy. We went to Cambria to celebrate our 6 year anniversary so Grandma (my mom) came to stay with you! You had such fun with Grandma (Gamma as you call her at the moment) that you didn't want her to leave once we got home! Then over Thanksgiving Week, we went on a family vacation to Hawaii! It was an absolutely amazing trip! You did so well on the plane, only got antsy a bit, but mostly was very calm and relaxed and played with your toys. You really enjoyed looking at all the sights, but loved the water (wa wa) the most! You also liked the geckos that came to visit us at our first place we stayed. You truly made this vacation one of our best as watching your excitement for all the things around you and how you took it all in, was just amazing and made each day so much better!

Right now your diet consists of breastmilk (mama milk) in the morning and before bed and the goats milk during the day. You also eat pretty much whatever we are eating, unless their are blueberries around and then you will only eat them and ask for more!

You are now talking up a storm! We counted the other day and counted over 40 words that you can now say! You really are our little genius! You have started to say people's names which makes them very happy. Grandma of course, and your favorite teacher at school, Miss Cheryl! You love Miss Cheryl and said her name all the time when we were at Hawaii looking for you! You know when we turn into daycare because you now clap your hands and say, Miss Cheryl! It makes me so happy to know that you love your teacher so much as I know you are getting lots of love and attention while I am away from you!

You almost have all your teeth (you overachiever you!). The doctor said this morning your final molar and eye teeth are coming in! After that, you will only have your two year molars that hopefully will wait until you are two to come in! :)

I mentioned sleep earlier, but this is the one thing that eludes you. You do not like to sleep. You still wake up at least once a night. We have tried everything and just keep hoping and praying that one day you will decide to sleep through the night. I know it will happen on your schedule! You already let us know you want things done your way and that you have your own opinions! If I try and put a bow in your hair, you rip it out, but you will bring me a bow to put in, and then leave it in all day!

We love your impish grin as we call it. You know you are doing something you shouldn't and you just give us this little grin as if to say, well, I am cute, so I am going to do this! It is so hard not to laugh and smile back at that face!

Lastly, you have also taken it upon yourself to start using the potty! I already wrote a post about this so won't go into too much detail. But, just like with all things related to you, you only go when you want to. If we try and put you on, no way, you just get mad and walk away. If we are not around, you will sit and go potty like you have been doing it forever!

We love you so much and you have made our lives so much better than we ever thought possible! I crack up when people tell me how much weight I have lost, well, it is easy to do when I am just trying to catch up to you! :) I look forward to another amazing month watching you grow and learn and am just so thankful that I get to be your Mommy!!

Love always and forever,