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Monday, December 8, 2014

325 days...

That is how many days I pumped at work (ok not actually because at the end I wasn't pumping weekends but close enough!). Almost made it a full year. It is really crazy to think that I almost pumped for a full year at work. Before I returned to work, I had no idea how long my breastfeeding/pumping journey would take me. I set small goals for myself. First, I wanted to make it to six months (which would have been March). That came and went and I was still going strong, then it was nine months, then a year. I made all those goals and while I had some issues throughout, overall, I was very successful! I was really proud of myself as I heard so many horror stories and failed attempts at being able to pump at work. I feel I was so successful though because I do have an amazing boss and work team that was very supportive of my taking the needed time to go and pump. I also made it a priority and put it in my calendar so I would make sure I did it. I did have to pump in a bathroom, but I made the best of it, and actually kinda got attached to that bathroom (an odd thing to be attached too, but I spent  a lot of time there!).

Once, I hit the year mark of breastfeeding, I wasn't sure what to do. We started to introduce regular milk, and I was going to start weaning. Well, she had a reaction to the milk, so I held off. Then, we tried other types of milk, and finally found that goat's milk worked for her. So, I cut out one session. Then the next week, I cut out another session, and then when I returned from vacation, I did not bring my pump.

It has only been one week without pumping now, and still every morning, I swear I am forgetting something! It is also so weird at night to not be rushing to clean bottles, pump parts, and the like. I was hoping that by gaining this added time would be so nice, but I have just filled it up with other items. I actually kinda miss my pumping time, as it was a forced time to stop in the work day, and catch up on a show :) What I do not miss though is the sound of the pump, cleaning, and worrying if I am making enough milk!

So, goodbye pump, see you when the next kid comes along! It was a good almost year that we had :)