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Friday, November 7, 2014

Proud Mommy Moment!

So, I am a very proud Mommy today!

We were getting ready this morning and normally, Aurora, follows me to her room to get dressed. So, today I was in her room picking her outfit out and realized she was not behind me. I yell out, Aurora, we are going to be late, where are you! I am yelling this as I am walking down the hall and I get to the bathroom. I look over and she is sitting on her little potty reading a book. I walk in and ask her what she is doing and then look down and realize, SHE PEED IN THE POTTY!!! All by herself!! I was shocked and immediately started to praise her and tell her good job and what a big girl she was! But, again, so shocked as I did not expect that to happen! And so proud!! I am love the fact that she was reading on the potty, I find that hilarious! Still though, mostly shock, especially because this was the first time she went in the potty (this potty). We bought her the small potty last weekend because little miss independent did not like us holding her on the big potty anymore. So, we stopped doing that and got her a little one she could use. All week we just say her on it, but she never actually went. We didn't push it as she is still young and I don't really care right now if she does, she just had seemed interested and every time she goes she says, Uh oh, and looks down. She really enjoys sitting on her new potty and carrying it around the house, but again, had never actually gone in it. So, we had not yet even praised her for going in it, and yet, all by herself, she did it!

So, yup, one very proud Mama today! :)

Of course, this could be a one time thing that she never does again, but I am still proud :)