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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Don’t you love when you make plans and then God looks and them and goes HAHA nice try…

I said this to my husband this past weekend as we were stranded on the freeway in his dead car. His car had just been paid off and I just bought a new one (so we only had one payment at a time). I was really excited for my new car which should be coming in any day now and we expected my husband’s car to last at least another 4-5 years.

So we were driving on the freeway going up a hill and started hearing this weird thunking noise. It started to get worse so we started to pull over so we could get off the freeway. Suddenly when we were in the far right lane the car started making this jack hammering noise! Suddenly on the freeway exit lane the car shudders and dies. Luckily my husband yanked the wheel and got us over to the shoulder. So I call AAA and we wait in the heat for 45 minutes to get picked up.

We finally get picked up from the tow truck and started our drive back home. Halfway through the ride I see a bee (a really creepy mutant bee that is translucent!) on the windshield inside the car! I try not to freak as I am sitting right by the driver and don’t want to panic him as he is driving us. The bee finally flies away and I cannot see him anymore. Suddenly, the driver screams out and starts to panic! The bee just landed on his hand! He quickly rolls down the window and the bee disappears… so we thought! About 5 minutes pass and the driver freaks out again! It landed on his hand for the second time and after more freaking out we are sure we got it out this time. Well another 5 minutes pass and the driver reaches out and grabs his back and swears the bee is there. He is now driving with one hand grabbing his back and one hand on the wheel… he finally pulls over to get the bee out. Luckily, after that there were no more bee incidents!

We get to the tow place which looks like the sketchiest tow place ever and leave the car. I have been calling Honda to see if my car is ready and was told no (which I knew it wouldn’t be ready till Monday but thought I would try!). For my car I also did a trade in for my current car which died a month ago and since we had a tow truck already I asked if he wouldn’t mind towing our other car. This got me a strange look but he agreed. I called Honda and they said we could bring the car over.

We get to Honda and they were not pleased to realize they gave me $1,000 for my car. I fully disclosed to our salesperson the state of the car so not my fault they gave us that much! I then explained how we had no cars now and was calling a rental. They asked what I bought and when I said it they pointed and said that car? Yes! My car was in! The reason they said it was not ready was because not everything had been installed yet but since they said it looked like we were in dire need I could take the car now and bring it back later to get the rest of the stuff installed. So at least there was one positive.

But getting my new car was not quite the exciting moment I thought it would be. I still have to walk to work because my husband has my car because his work is farther. His car apparently needs a new engine which is $6,000 and of course the warranty JUST ended. So now we have to figure out what to do about that… God is laughing indeed. 
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