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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I love my Kindle! I know I have said it before but I am saying it again! Now that they have the lending feature up and running and I can check books out from my library it is even more amazing then before! They have made it so easy to access as well. I was leaving for a trip and though I would check the library just to see if it was ready yet and to my surprise it was. They haven't advertised this well but so far that is working in my favor because all the books I wanted were available! I immediately downloaded 3 books. Actually, I tried for more but they have a max of three. And suddenly there they were on my Kindle. I just finished all three and found a way to return them and get 3 more. I had plenty to read before but now it will be non-stop and I love it! Yay for the Kindle!

I am also very interested in checking out their new Kindle's that they have just announced. I looked at the Nook touchscreen version when it came out and wasn't sold on it. It actually was too small and I had a hard time holding it without accidently turning the page. Though if I used it often that might be a habit that you just get used to holding it differently. I also think the Nook Color was a great idea just not for me as when I read I did not want the back lite screen and the distraction of the internet on the same device. But we will see how Kindle compares to what is already on the market! And they have gotten the price to a point now ($79!!) that a lot more people will be able to afford. I used to say if they got it down to $100 I was in and while I caved when it got to $114 (close enough!) I knew of many who were waiting for the less than $100 and they delivered!

Happy Reading! :)