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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So last night was our first Halloween in our new house. It is the suburbs so I was really hopeful we would have a lot of trick or treaters! I decorated the house, set out all the pumpkins, and bought a TON of candy! I even put on my costume to get in the festive Halloween mood. Once all the happened I waited... and waited... and started getting a little sad since no kids had shown up yet.

My husband asked how many kids needed to show up for me to not be sad. I randomly said 20. It seemed like an ok number and realistic. Well we got exactly 20! While I wish we had more I can't really complain because we got the exact number I asked for! Those were a lucky 20 kids because they got big handfuls of candy!

Hopefully next year will bring more kids! We guess our house before had a reputation for not giving good candy so I am going to change that and make our house the one to go to!

On a side note: Still not able to drive my car as we still do not know what to do with my husband's car. It is still sitting in the shop and we know will cost at least $7,000 if not more. We looked at cars on the weekend but not sure what to get and if it is worth trading in and if we could really even trade it in. So still at a loss at what to do.