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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sometimes I think I watch too much TV... but there is just so much good TV on I can't help myself! I figure since I am no longer in school and don't have kids yet it is OK to watch! Plus we still get outside a lot and I read enough that it counters all the TV :) and we only have one TV in our house so I feel its not that bad! Ok now that I have justified it to myself I will move on! haha

I feel like there were a bunch of new shows this year that got added. Which of course meant that a lot of shows got added to our DVR to test out!

I think my favorite of the new shows that I watched was New Girl. I thought it was cute, funny, and one of those good fluffy shows that don't make me think too hard. Now I do enjoy shows that make me think such as Fringe but I don't need every new show to do that!

I also really enjoyed Up All Night, Person of Interest, and Ringer. Also, started watching Terra Nova for my husband who had really high hopes for it as he loves dinosaurs. So far I have enjoyed the show. As long as you do not take it too seriously it is quite fun! Another one that I actually haven't been recording but have been watching on demand is Whitney. I heard a lot of people complaining about it which is actually what made me want to watch it and I thought it was pretty funny. It was funny because it was so real, I have either done or known people who done what she was doing. So to the haters... sorry I thought it was funny!

Now, I just hope that they all don't get cancelled! That is what happened to us last year, we found 3 great new shows totally loved them and then found out they got cancelled. So I am trying to not get too attached this year just in case!

So far I have kept up with Up All Night, New Girl, and Terra Nova. I have the rest on my DVR to catch up on a rainy day. Just in case I find out they get cancelled mid way I also will not have the heartbreak of being too attached!