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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I wrote these while happening, but didn't want it "out" in the world so saved them until ready to announce.

After much discussion and debate, we decided we were ready to try for another baby! This time around it was so much easier. No two years waiting and wondering what was going on. This time, we knew we had frozen eggs, and so when we were ready, we called up and started our FET cycle! We started our cycle on January 25th. For the first time in the whole year of fertility issues, a cycle went completely smooth (we will see if it works or not though). I got my blood taken and amazingly did not need to go on birth control and could start my meds right away. This time I even got to take estrogen as a pill and not as a shot! Then each appointment went well and all looked good. At my third appointment, I had a minor worry as the nurse did not tell me to up my dose from last time, but shockingly, I was still ok! So, on February 19th, I went in and had my transfer! They transferred two blasts. It was really cool because this time we got an ultrasound picture of them in my lining! We saw them go right where they belong. So crazy to see the very beginning of process that most people don't get to see. Gotta find a bonus in this infertility stuff!

So, now the long wait to see if it works. This is the worst. I hate waiting! 10 days to go...