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Monday, November 3, 2014


When we were trying to get pregnant, three Halloweens passed us with no baby. Each Halloween got more and more devastating. All I wanted to was to be able to go Trick or Treating with my child and have fun with them as they got dressed up.

Last year, was my first Halloween with Aurora. And it was really fun to dress her up and take her around to visit, but she was too little to Trick or Treat, and she didn't quite get what was going on. So, this year was the first real year we got to participate and it was AMAZING! It was all the things I had hoped and wished for all those past Halloweens.

Aurora was Maleficent this year! I wanted to do the twist on her name and not do the princess like everyone expected. I made the tutu for the costume and was really proud of my work! She also seemed to enjoy her costume and really surprised me by even keeping her horns on for most of the events!

We went all out this year and did multiple events. The first one we did was our first ever, Trunk or Treat event. We decorated our trunk with all our Halloween decorations and got our candy ready. We did not know what to expect since it was our first time at such an event, but it was really fun! Aurora at first helped pass out the candy to those coming by. She also enjoyed taking candy from our bucket and filling up her bucket! I then did take her around to the different "trunks" and she seemed to have a good time doing that. She really just enjoyed putting things in her pumpkin we got for her to carry around!

We then went to a story time reading with Maleficent and costume contest at our new local bookstore, The Open Book at the Oaks. They had Maleficent read a few stories, which surprisingly, Aurora sat and listened to pretty well. Then we went back up to the store and got to decorate pumpkins and get pictures taken with Maleficent. Aurora really enjoyed decorating her pumpkin. The best past though was the girls working came up to us and said that, Aurora had won first place in the costume contest! I was so excited, especially when I saw the prize was books! Aurora is obsessed with books and already loves looking a them! Plus, since I made part of the costume, I felt some pride that my work was good!

On Halloween, Aurora joined me at my work event. This was the only time she was not Maleficent, but instead was someone from Gryffindor House as I was dressed as Harry Potter, so that way we matched. She seemed a bit unsure being at the party, especially because we walked over with a super creepy court jester. She did warm up a bit at the end though and was wandering around the party checking everyone out!

Then, that night, was what I had been waiting for, Trick or Treating!! We put her back in her Maleficent costume, and right as I was taking pictures of her, she fell and face planted onto the sidewalk! I felt so bad! She calmed down pretty quickly, but her whole face was scratched up pretty bad :( She didn't let it stop her though as we were going to take her back inside, but she started walking down the sidewalk, so we went with it! We only did our street, but that was more than enough for her and she was getting pretty tired by the end. We do seem to have a bit of a dud street though as 4 houses had their lights on but then answered and said they had no candy! One lady felt so bad though that she ended up bringing candy to our house later to make up for it! Aurora also was a big help in passing the candy out to the Trick or Treaters that came to our house once we got back.

Overall, it was an awesome holiday full of fun! It was exactly what I had hoped and envisioned and now am even more exited for next year!! :)