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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cloth Diapers at Daycare

So we have almost hit the month mark of A being at Daycare. There are a lot of things I could say about this topic but for now will focus on Cloth Diapers!

I wasn't sure if we would even be able to do our cloth at daycare as a few places we looked at flat out refused to even consider doing it! Luckily, we got into a great daycare and they were willing to try! I read a ton about diapering in daycare but was getting discouraged because everyone suggested taking AIO's or Pockets as they are easy and very similar to disposables. Well, I don't have any of those kind, so was starting to worry, that maybe I would not be able to cloth diaper at daycare because we use prefolds and covers.

So, we went the first day and brought our prefolds and covers. The teachers were so great about it and said, sure, we can do this! They had never done prefolds before but had such a great attitude about trying which really makes a difference. That first pick up day, they asked questions, and I asked if they preferred a particular diaper cover over another and slowly we found what worked best for us!

Their favorite covers are the GroVia hook and loop(velcro) as they are super easy to close and they liked the mesh material better (as they don't wipe and reuse covers anyways). GroVia was one of my favorites so I was happy for an excuse to buy more! They also use the Angel Wing Fold which they found the easiest for them to do. I had offered that they could padfold (basically just folding prefold in three and placing in cover) so they didn't have to worry about using a snappi or anything but they said they are fine with the Angel Wing Fold!

The only issues I have found is they tend to forget to tuck the diaper into the cover so she goes through clothes a bit faster as they get dirty. And a few times they have put her in disposable because they said they didn't have time to mess with getting the cloth on! Though, I had taken a few disposables the first week and never replenished them (and won't when they run out unless they request it) so don't see this being used that often.

We have gotten into a good system now where I drop off at the beginning of each week all the wetbags for the week. ( Originally we had less but I would forget them and just found it easier to buy enough for each day and take on Monday and know they were all there!). I drop off about 10 diapers which lasts about 2 days so usually bring diapers in Monday, Wednesday, and the Friday if we don't think we will make it that last day. Then at the end of the day, they leave the wetbag out for me to pick up with my used bottles from the day and I take this home and add to my diaper pail at home and do laundry on Wednesdays and Saturday or Sunday depending on what is going on during the weekend.

So, you CAN cloth diaper at daycare with prefolds and covers! Just takes some willing teachers but they got it down pretty quickly! We are now looking into getting some of the GroVia inserts to try those out and consider adding those to our rotation but for now the prefolds are working for us! Update 3.18.14 - We have now switched to the GroVia soaker pads and covers for daycare and the daycare is in LOVE! No more complaints and they were even trying to convince another mom to switch to cloth because her son gets really bad diaper rash! See full review of Grovia here End update

Here is a list of covers we use at daycare and the thoughts about them:

GroVia Hook and Loop - Both the daycare and our favorite at home. I love the fun prints and the hook and loop is nice and stong and easy to do!

BestBottoms Snap: This is one of my husband's favorites. This is my second favorite after GroVia. I like the double gussets and the trim fit. Daycare does not like this one though because they struggle with the snaps.

Flip Covers Snap: These are probably my least favorite (though still good covers). I wrote an earlier post about Flip so you can see my thoughts there. The daycare does prefer these ones even though they are snap, the larger size and stretchy sides do make them more disposable like and easier for them.

Thirsties Duo Size 1 Covers Hook and Loop: These were my favorite when A was first home until about a month ago. Once she hit 4 months they started to not fit as well. They still fit now at 5 months but these are probably the last ones I go for now versus being the first ones when she first got home. The daycare seems to use these ones after GroVia and Flip but before Best Bottoms. These ones also seem to be the ones she gets the most leaks with at Daycare as they don't always remember to stuff the prefold in and the other covers fit well over that if you forget to check, the prefold is still usually covered. Whereas now, with these you always have to check and stuff the prefold in.