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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

25 Weeks!

25 Weeks - 2.25.14

How has it already been 25 weeks! Time is going so quickly! Especially, now that I am back at work, the days just all run into one another. She is growing up so quickly, it is just amazing!

Sleep: Sleep has been all over the place. She was sick for the past week and that really messed with her sleep! I am hoping we get back to going down at 9:30 and waking at 6:30 soon!

Clothing Size: 6-9 month with a few 12 months thrown in now!

Favorite Toys/Activity: She just got a Sophie the Giraffe and seems to love that already! She also switched which toy she likes by the day. One day she loves her ball, and the next day wants nothing to do with it and wants to play with the zoo toy!

Milestones: She sits up by herself for a very long time now. She can even get from a sitting position to her tummy and then will start to crawl to whatever she wants. She is an expert army crawler and can make it across the room in no time! She loves to explore and look at everything. Her favorite is to be outside and take in the fresh air, but it is getting harder and harder to hold on to her as she is constantly trying to fling herself to the ground or towards something she wants to look at!

She has had a very bad cold :(. That was no fun at all. She was out of daycare for a whole week and I just wanted to do anything to make her better but sadly there is not much you can do at this age. We did have to do breathing treatments which she hated and I hated having to do them!

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
The past two weeks she has cried when I have dropped her off at daycare. It has made me really sad to drop her off as I hate to leave when she is crying but daycare shoos me away as she won't calm down if I am still there. So it makes me so happy, when I go pick her up, and she looks up and sees it is me and gives the biggest grin! It is so nice to see that she knows who I am now and is happy to see me! Even after the worst day at work, seeing that just makes me day!!