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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

5 Months and 22 Weeks!

So this week because her monthly and weekly dates are one day apart and I am super crazy busy, I am going to just do the letter :)


Wow, the time is going so fast! I always would hear people say how fast time went, and I would feel this as well but until you joined us, I never really understood how quickly it goes! In this past month, you have amazed me so much! You can now sit up all by yourself! You can roll both ways, though it took awhile for you to decide to roll from tummy to back, you got there! I think you just liked to be on your tummy so didn't see the need to roll. But now, you see things you want to get to and realized rolling can get you there. You also just this past weekend so just squeezed it in before officially turning 5 months, started to army crawl! You are officially on the move! I love to watch you as you take in the world around you and see what is in front of you and if you want it you go after it. I hope you never lose this and that in life, you always go after the things you want. It is hard sometimes as you find now when you get yourself in a position and are unsure of how to get it, but know that mommy and daddy are right there and we are cheering you on, and giving help when needed. We let you do everything you can first and are so proud when you make it to that toy, or blanket, or my favorite towards me, but when we see you trying and need a little help, we jump in, too. You are such a quick learner and I look forward to watching as you learn more and more each day. We started oatmeal this month and you picked that up right away. After the first night, you realized the spoon brought you food and you opened your mouth right up and would even try and grab the spoon and feed yourself! Now, most nights we give you the spoon once we put food on it and you feed yourself pretty well! Of course, there is some mess with this but that just makes it more fun!

This past month has been a whirlwind of emotions for me as I had to go back to work and you had to go to daycare. It really makes me appreciate every second I get with you, even if it is the middle of the night! I am very lucky that we were able to get you into the daycare at my work, and so most days, I go visit and feed you at lunch time. That is my favorite time of day! You have been doing so well though and adjusted to being at daycare with no issues. It makes me so happy to know that you are having fun and able to enjoy yourself while I work. I wish I could be with you but seeing your smiling face at the end of the day just makes my days so much brighter!

I love you so much, more and more each day. These past 5 months have been the best months of my life because you are now here and you make each day just that much better!

Love always and forever,