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Friday, July 3, 2015

22 Months!


This year seems to be going faster than last year! I am struggling with the fact that in 2 months you will be 2 years old! This is just crazy and does not seem real. Yet, here we are, and you are now 22 months old. You are really starting to look more and more like a little girl and all "babyness" is really leaving you.

You, as always, continue to amaze me. You are so smart and lately have been using your smarts to get you what you want! You know if you ask Daddy for one more dinosaur book, he will read it to you. You also know when you are about to be in trouble and will suddenly run up and give us a hug and say, I love you.

Though, you have started to become a bit more of a troublemaker lately. You have really started to test your boundaries and the rules. The other day, I told you not to touch something, you stared at it, stared at me, I know you knew what I said, and then you deliberately touched it. Of course that meant a time out, which you do not love. What we really need to work on is you running away in parking lots! You seem to think that is  a playground and you give me a heart attack each time you try and dart out into it. No matter how many times we have said to hold hands, not to run in parking lots, for some reason, you see it, and try and break free and run!

While your trouble maker streak is coming out, you are still the sweetest (I am not biased at all!). You want to have me read stories to you all the time, which I love! You love to play with your dolls and push them around in your stroller. You also now will come up and pat my tummy and say, Hi baby, which of course is the cutest thing ever.  You like to go on walks and love to be outside!

We now have a very good night time routine for you as well. You just started taking baths in the "big girl" bath and you love it! You will point out all the animals in the tub, my favorite being how you say octopus (apple-puss). It is adorable and so we ask you to name that one all the time! You then always need your blankie and an animal with you. It was Mickey Mouse for quite a while, but the past week you have become obsessed with a triceratops (ceratops) that you got. I think this is because daddy plays dinosaurs with you all the time and you two are always roaring at each other! You call him daddysaurous as well sometimes! You two are so cute to watch playing together!

One of my favorite things you started doing this past month was singing! You would in the past sing a long occasionally with us, but now you will just start singing on your own. Your favorite songs at the moment are It's a Small World (you sing this the most), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and ABC's. I really need to record you singing soon, I just haven't been able to capture it just yet!

I look forward to these last two months of you being 1! I have been teaching you to do the number two with your fingers and asking how old you will be on your next birthday! I love you my little dinosaur princess! You light up my life and make me so happy each and every day!

Always and forever,