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Monday, July 6, 2015

Gender Reveal!

It's a BOY!

We had a wonderful 4th of July party! Our family and friends showed up to celebrate the 4th as well as to find out what we were having. We decided to do the big reveal with sparklers as I had not heard of anyone else doing this kind of reveal. It did not go exactly as planned!

I found a great website that had smokeless sparklers a while back and I should have just ordered them then. I did not, and so 3 weeks ago when I went to order them, I found out that they no longer had blue. In fact, they emailed me back saying that there was a National shortage on blue sparklers! How is that even possible! So, I did some quick googling and found a somewhat sketchy site that did have blue. Once they arrived we did a test of them, and while the blue was light, we could see that it was clearly blue (the red was noticeable). They were also very smoky, but we figured it would be fine.

Well, the time arrived for the reveal. It was very awkward at first to have everyone just staring at us as we waited to get the sparklers! My mom was the one who was opening the envelope and was going to pass us the sparklers. I told her I was not going to look at her as I knew she would give it away. So, she handed them over and we lit them up!

They were BLUE! Well, to us they were! I didn't shout out because I assumed everyone could see, plus the smoke was in our face and I did not want to breathe too much in! I did "write" boy with my sparkler, not that anyone knew I was doing so. I was wondering why no one was saying anything, and then I heard, WHAT IS IT? I yelled out, It's a BOY! And then people were excited. I then found out after, that they just saw the fire and no blue and had no clue what it was! My Mom told me she was panicking she had passed us the wrong ones! WHOOPS!

So, lesson learned, next time, we will just do cupcakes! haha