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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

28 Weeks! (and a slight rant...)

Wow, I have been a serious blog slacker! Being a working mom has been WAY more difficult than I ever thought it would be. I mean, you hear that it is tough, but man, is it TOUGH! And it makes a huge difference on childcare as well. I am now very envious of those who have family that can watch their kids. I have heard people who complain about family watching and I realize there are probably some issues with that but to me, they seem very LUCKY and should feel blessed to have family watching their children. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with the daycare we have and am very happy that she got in where she did. But, it is expensive (and that is with my discount) and she gets sent home a lot for being sick! And part of me can never fully concentrate on my work because I am always checking my phone in case the daycare texts. Now, the two days my Mom was here to watch her were so amazing! I didn't worry about her (well I worry always as I am a worrywort but not to the level of daycare worry), I was super productive at work, I could stay at work a bit later than normal, it was just an great two days. But, this is not what we have, so we move forward and find the positive in what we do have! Which IS a good daycare, that is close by, with teachers who do care about her!

Now on to the update :)

28 Weeks 3.18.14

Sleep: Sleep is still all over the place. She did have two nights where she slept 11 hours (AMAZING!) but that was right after her shots and then she went right back to waking 2 times a night.

Clothing Size: This is all over the place as well! Anything from 3-12 months seems to be in rotation at the moment!

Favorite Toys/Activity: Basically anything in front of her she sees as a potential toy and item she can chew on!

Milestones: So many things! She is crawled for the first time on March 10 (a day after daddy's birthday). She had been doing army crawling but that was the first time we saw a real crawl using hands and knees! March 15th she started to clap her hands. It is so adorable to watch her clap her hands! She is also starting to pass objects from one hand to the other. She is starting to really pull herself up to a standing position as well. She has mostly only done this on the couch but I have seen her try other areas as well so I bet she will have this down pretty soon!

She started solid foods! Her first food was avocado on March 8th. The next day she broke out in a rash so we stopped and waited 4 days. I don't think it was actually related but to be safe we will wait a bit on that. The next thing we have given her is apples. She REALLY likes eating the apples. But we then realized it was making her a bit constipated so have stopped that as well! Will be trying peaches and sweet potato next! We have been making the food ourselves as well which has been really great and easy too (at least according to my husband who does the actual making!).

Favorite Mommy Moment: 
There have been so many! She is starting to do little hugs and has started to (I feel) purposefully grab onto me. She will also now crawl to me if I am anywhere in the room and then put her hand on my foot and look up at me! It is adorable! I just really love watching her figure out everything going on around her though. The expressions she makes and her curious nature are fascinating to watch!  She is really becoming a little person now, I can't believe how quickly it is all happening!