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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Birth Story and One Month

Well, I am slacking already as he is now one month old and I haven't done any blog for him! So, first off the birth story.

This time was very different as I had scheduled c-section. It was very odd to know exactly what day he would be arriving. Though everyone told me he would come early and did not trust he would stay till the day before his due date, I knew he would!

So, at 5am on November 6th, we left for the hospital. Luckily, I had pre-registered and we were able to go straight to labor and delivery. There they got me settled in my room and started checking my vitals, getting me hooked up to the iv. Which was terrible, the nurse could not get it in and I had a bruise for two weeks!

Then at 7 they came and got me and took me to the OR. This is when I got nervous. It was a much smaller room than I had imagined. It was very cold and the anesthesiologist, was not the friendliest. They sat me up for the spinal and I knew I needed to stay very still. Well she stuck me and I felt a shock in my butt. I then panicked by moving I ruined something. She did a shot again and again I felt a shock and jumped a bit. They then laid me down and I just laid there while they chatted to each other and counted all the equipment in room. I started to feel numb and then nothing. I knew it was working when I saw my stomach going nuts with him moving around and I couldn't feel a bit of it. Such a bizarre feeling! Finally they said we were ready and Jon and my Mom were brought in. They out the screen up which is like 4 inches from my face, so I couldn't really see anything or turn head to look at Jon.

I then hear the doctor say ouch and the other doctor as if he was ok. Apparently, he burned himself! Before, I could think to much about that, they had pulled out my baby! They held him over the screen for me to see before taking him to the warmer. I tried to watch him but couldn't see anything at all. It was very annoying to not have him. Finally, they placed him on my and I just remembery first thought being how much he looked like Aurora! I just stared at him while they finished me up. Sadly, they took him while I went into recovery, but we were back together in about 30 minutes and I haven't let go of him since!

One Month


It does not feel like it has been a month already since you arrived. It has been a whirlwind of a month, but I can't remember the time before (that could be lack of sleep though!).

We love you so much and you have been a wonderful addition to our family! Your big sister really loves you! She is constantly kissing and hugging you and asking to hold you. It is so great to see the two of you together. I hope you two are close and have a great sibling relationship!

At the moment, you do a lot of eating, sleeping, and pooing! You lobe to be on the move and close to me, so you don't sleep very well if you are down and alone. So, I spend most of my day rocking and holding you or wearing you in my carrier. We will need to get you to sleep on your own soon, but for now, I am enjoying the snuggle time with you!

You tend to eat around every two hours, but sometimes it feels like every hour! That is ok as you are growing like a weed and I can see that already! The newborn clothes that were loose on you, are now getting snug and tight! I am not ready to start packing up clothes already!

Sleep is sporadic. You seem to take a long nap in the late afternoon. This past week you have gone about 3 and a few nights 4 hours in the beginning of night, but then you want to me up and when you do go back down you then wake every two hours. Hopefully, we can start to stretch that first bit longer and longer!

You also have very strong neck muscles already. Like your sister, as soon as you were born, you were holding your head up!

I love you so much and am so happy you are here. I can't wait to watch you grow and see what your personality will be! I love you always and forever!