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Monday, February 2, 2015

Parenting Fail - How we made our daughter afraid of birds

So, we may have accidentally installed a fear of birds into our daughter. We were out to breakfast yesterday and we sat outside. This place tends to have a lot of birds flying around, which has never bothered Aurora before. So, yesterday though, she had an extra crumby croissant that got all over her. Now, we know Aurora is picking up more and more and understanding more and more, but we sometimes forget that, and we forget that she doesn't understand jokes. So, when my husband jokingly said, Aurora, those birds are going to come eat you with all those crumbs on you. I think she understood what was said, but not that it was a joke. Because, suddenly she started pointing at any bird nearby and getting visibly upset.  We had to shoo the birds away and tell her the rest of the meal that she was ok and that the birds were not going to get her...

So, hopefully, this has not installed a life long fear of birds into her!