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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

10 Months!

A bit late on this one - I am going to blame the holiday! :)


As I posted over the holiday weekend, what I think is one of the most adorable pictures of you, you are our little firecracker! Your personality is really shining through and I love watching you grow! You are also now officially a WALKER! You took you first steps on June 22, 2014. And the good little eater that you are, what got you to walk for your first time, was a plum! Which you really enjoyed :) You LOVE food, you could eat all day long if we let you! You eat almost everything we give you, the only thing I think you have thrown away was some chicken. But if it is a fruit, veggie, or carb, watch out, because you will eat it in a second!

You also have been using sign language a lot more this month! We have done the signs for you but this month you really started to use them. You now will do milk, more, and food. You also made up your own sign for come here which you use often! You also love to point. This is your main means of communication. You point, and make some noise to let us know what you want! It is pretty adorable :)

You are also talking a lot more. Most of it is still babble, that I know in your mind, you are telling us something! But, you also will say real words, your favorite at the moment is, uh oh! You make the cutest face when you say it as well. Though Daddy's favorite, is when he says, maniacal laugh, you will do a bahahaha laugh! Again, so adorable, but not sure we should have taught you a maniacal laugh!

This month we also got your photos done with Grandma (my mom). I have a picture of me when I was a baby with my Mom and Grandma, so I wanted to make sure you would have a similar picture. Grandma also came up and spent almost a whole week with you! You had a great time playing with her and Grandpa (my dad)! And got very spoiled every day :) You light up whenever you see your Grandma, and I am loving watching this relationship grow and see how much you guys love each other.

Sleep... we don't know what that is in our house! You still wake up 1-2 times a night. Daddy will get you the first wake up and rock you back to sleep, and I will get you on the second one to feed and rock you. You wake up anywhere from 5:30am-7am for the day. I know at some point you will sleep through the night, but you don't seem to inclined to do so at the moment. And that is ok, I will take my extra cuddles, because I know when they are gone, I will really miss them!

You also started to go poo on the potty this month! This makes Mommy VERY happy as it is one less diaper to clean! It is more elimination communication than potty training as you just make your "poo" face and I put you on the potty. But still, makes me happy and you seem to like sitting on the potty. I have a great picture I will use to embarrass you later in life of you sitting on the potty reading a book!

Your teachers at daycare are constantly telling me how smart you are! And you really are! I can just see your mind working and trying to figure out the world. When you see a problem, you just set your mind to it, and come up with a solution. Your latest, has been to use Daddy's chair to be your walker to help get where you want to go. You also have learned how to climb up on things, which means that Mommy and Daddy are in trouble as now you can walk and climb on anything!

You got 4 teeth this month as well! The middle four of your top teeth came in. Your smile just keeps getting cuter and cuter each day! They did not follow the normal patter coming in either. Normally, they come in middle two and then side two, but you got your far right tooth in first (right eye tooth), then middle right, then middle left, and the middle eye tooth just popped through last weekend!

We love you so much, and you continue to make us happier than we even thought possible. When you laugh, it is the most amazing sound I have ever heard, and I just want to do anything to make you laugh again. When you crawl up to me and hold on to my pant legs, I just love it! If I could, I would cuddle, hug, and kiss you all day long! Though now you are starting to want to cuddle less and explore more, which makes me sad and excited at the same time. We will love you always and forever!