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Monday, May 5, 2014

8 months!

I have been a serious blog slacker! But this is my craziest busy season so just need to make it 3 more weeks and then life should get back to normal. And I then I will have a super fun post in June on our trip to DISNEYWORLD!!! But for now, just jumping on to do my monthly letter (trying to at least keep up with these since I can't keep up weekly!)


Eight Months, my goodness! You have grown SO much this past month! You really are starting to look like a little girl now and not like a baby anymore. It makes me a bit sad to see the baby go away but at the same time it is so exciting to see you grow and see your personality continue to shine and show us who you are! :)

This month you got TWO teeth! Your first tooth came in on April 15th and your second tooth followed very quickly on the 20th. I was getting very nervous about teeth as I have heard horror stories about teething but you seemed to do okay! Hopefully, all your teeth are that easy :)

This month you got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. Actually, your whole class at daycare got it! It started with a fever and you were not a happy camper while you had the fever. But once the fever broke, even though you had the spots still on your body, you were in good spirits! Mommy and Daddy took turns staying home with you as you had to be home all week from daycare. We were sad you were sick but enjoyed the extra time with you!

You are still our little mover! You are an expert crawler now and can get across the room SO fast! We have to keep our eye on you at all times as you love to beeline for the dogs crates or their food! Playing under the dining room table is also one of your favorite places to go. You also have gotten really good at pulling yourself up to a standing position and have even started to walk around while holding on to things. You just started very recently to reach out and take steps to things away from you, so I know walking is in your very near future! I wouldn't be surprised if in next months letter, I am talking about how you walk everywhere! :)

This month was your first Easter! You had a ball!!! We went to Good Friday service which you did not seem to like and fussed the whole time! Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) came up and we went and saw the Easter Bunny! You were not to sure of him but you did good and didn't cry! Then on Easter Sunday we went to church and Grandma held you during the service and everyone commented on your beautiful dress (that Grandma bought you and was so excited to see you in it). After church, we went home and you got to open your Easter Basket. You really loved the stacking cups and Grandma snuck in candy and you would not let go of a Kit Kat bar! It was so funny. Luckily, you couldn't figure out how to open it as you are still too little for chocolate! We also took you outside with some eggs for you to crawl around and "find". You loved being out on the grass (though the grass tore up your legs, sadly you have mommy's sensitive skin!) and searching and picking up the eggs, clapping with the eggs, and even put one back in your basket!

You have started to eat a lot more this month as well! At daycare you usually get oatmeal, one or two baby bullet sized foods, and puffs! So far you have had apples, pears, peaches, zucchini, sweet potatoes, mangoes, pumpkin biscuit, spinach/kale/apple biscuit, bananas, and more that I have lost track of what else! So far, you have loved everything we have given you! You love your food and you love to feed yourself as well! :)

We love you SO much and love watching your personality shine! You are the best thing to ever happen to us!